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Purchasing a Condominium Unit in Pennsylvania: What to Look For

March 22, 2017 By Arnold Heller Purchasing a unit in a condominium is not the same as purchasing a single family, detached house. When purchasing a newly constructed or to be constructed condominium unit in Pennsylvania, there are certain matters that purchasers should be aware of. A few of those are listed below. New Unit […]

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Mediation: Protect What you Bargain For

February 28, 2017 By Angela Lorenz Strengths and Weaknesses of Non-Attorney Guided Mediation Divorce mediation is an out-of-court dispute resolution tool that helps separating couples who want to amicably settle their issues with minimal involvement of the legal system. A good mediator is one who will guide the spouses during their negotiations, facilitate meaningful dialogue […]

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Can I Expunge My Protection From Abuse Order?

February 21, 2017 By Elizabeth Early A question that we commonly hear from litigants who are defending or have defended against a Petition for a Protection from Abuse Order is whether the Order can be expunged from their record. The answer is: that depends on how far through the legal system the Protection from Abuse […]

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Breaking Down “BYOD” Policies

February 14, 2017 By Melanie Murphy The explosion of smartphones, tablets and technology generally, has inevitably resulted in employees performing work tasks on their personal devices.  In the age of the ever present smartphone, and for many, the accompanying compulsion to stay constantly connected, employers and employees find themselves balancing the benefits and pitfalls of […]

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Storage Wars – Laws Governing Self-Storage Facilities

February 2, 2017 By Kevin Cornish Have you ever seen an episode of Storage Wars and wondered, can someone legally sell property in a storage facility?  Or, how can they legally do that?  Storage Wars takes place in California, and I am not here to discuss  California law.  However, Pennsylvania does have a law governing […]

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