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Understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document

January 31, 2018 By Joel D. Rosen If you have ever looked into acquiring a franchise, you are probably familiar with the term Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) and for us older franchise attorneys, Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (“UFOC”).  The FDD has replaced the UFOC in name, but the disclosures in the document have remained largely […]

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Franchisees – Things to Watch Out for in 2018

January 16, 2018 By James B. Shrimp Increased ICE Enforcement As many of you have probably read about already, on January 10, 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) performed raids at over 100 7-Eleven convenience stores checking on the immigration status of those stores’ employees.  After the raids, Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan cautioned employers […]

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Reading between the lines: What is in a Franchise Agreement?

July 2, 2015 By Joel D. Rosen, Esquire Deciding what kind of business opportunity you want to embark on can be challenging. There are countless industry segments and businesses that make your initial decisions daunting. If you are torn between a franchise or an independent business, read this article for some advice To Be a […]

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To Be a Franchisee or Not to Be; That is the Question.

Franchise Practice Group Chair Joel D. Rosen recently wrote an article entitled “To Be a Franchisee or Not to Be; That is the Question”. Check it out on page 48 of May/June issue of the Local Living Magazine. Visit Joel D. Rosen’s attorney profile. Visit Franchise Litigation page.

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Pre-License Fee: How Franchisors are Skirting the Intent of the FTC Franchise Rule

By Joel D. Rosen, Esquire July 29, 2014 Deciding whether or not to purchase a franchise can be an exciting but stressful time. It can also be complicated with unanticipated pitfalls blocking your path to success. In 1979, in response to these difficulties, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) promulgated the original franchise rule (“Franchise Rule”). […]

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Franchise Law

Q: I am hoping to buy a franchise. Is there anything I need to look for in the Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”)? A: When you are examining the FDD, you should be aware of these five (5) red flags: 1. Weak franchisor financials: If the franchisor does not have a strong balance sheet and P […]

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“Yes to Arbitration, but Did I Also Agree to Class Action and Consolidated Arbitration?” by James B. Shrimp and Joel D. Rosen

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