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Employee Handbooks & Employee Policies

For over 30 years, High Swartz has worked with business owners, executives and human resource professionals to draft and update our clients’ employee handbooks and policies.  Understanding the foundational importance of a skillfully drafted  and fully compliant handbook, High Swartz will assist you in preparing and/or revising your employee handbooks and policies.

A comprehensive handbook with clear and well-drafted policies is critical to litigation avoidance or victory.  Ensuring that your employees have access to the standards on which they will be disciplined prevents needless confusion and resultant dissatisfaction.  Furthermore, clear cut rules on disciplinary procedures, leave and attendance policies and reporting/complaint procedures create certainty for both the employer and employees if/when difficulties may arise.

Because employment laws are frequently evolving, it is important to audit your employee handbook and policies regularly to ensure continued compliance with all federal, state and local laws.  Additionally, a comprehensive review of your handbook may locate holes that could make your company vulnerable.  With years of experience in the field, High Swartz attorneys are adept at locating potential areas of concern and revising relevant policies to conform to the requirements of all relevant laws.