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Litigation Law Firm

When you need a litigation law firm, our attorneys can help by handling both contested litigation matters and planning and advisory matters for a broad variety of business, employer and nonprofit clients. The firm’s litigation lawyers handle trials, hearings, appeals, and all pre-trial proceedings in federal and state courts and agencies in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania and other jurisdictions.

Our litigators handle a wide variety of services including:

Aside from advocacy skills, each group member is trained to act as an advisor, negotiator, and problem solver for the firm’s clients. This training helps the group’s lawyers to prevent and resolve disputes as well as to litigate. These skills are particularly important in areas such as employment law, education law and construction law, which is why the firm has included employment, education and real estate lawyers within the Litigation Group. The goal of our litigation group is to serve organizational and individual clients effectively through a combination of skilled advocacy, practical advice, and knowledge of both the law and the client’s business or personal goals.

Our Litigation Law attorneys include: