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Employment Mobility

What steps may an employer take to limit an employee from leaving and joining a competitor?  What may employees (or new employers) do to defend against claims of wrongful conduct?  High Swartz lawyers deal on a daily basis with these issues and challenges.  We draft noncompetition, nonsolicitation, and confidentiality agreements.  We litigate to enforce these agreements.  We advise and represent employers in disputes over theft of trade secrets and confidential business information.  We pursue claims that employees have taken business opportunities to a new employer in violation of the duty of loyalty to a former employer.  And we defend departing employees and future employers when former employers push too hard in enforcing restrictions.

When representing a client in an employee mobility dispute, our attorneys draw on a large body of knowledge.  We have helped to write and edit one of the key multistate guides on covenants not to compete, trade secrets, the employee’s duty of loyalty, and tortious interference with employment contracts.  We have a working knowledge of federal trade secret and computer fraud statutes.  We also have a current knowledge of the effect of social media usage in the employee mobility field.

Employee mobility practice requires litigation skill and knowledge of the law on the topic.  Our attorneys have had extensive experience in injunction proceedings, both in enforcing restrictions and in seeking to avoid restrictions.  We work in federal and state trial and appellate courts in Pennsylvania and other states in the region.  We handle matters before arbitration panels.  We work hard to obtain quick, decisive, and workable results for our clients.


Our Employment Mobility attorneys include: