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Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Municipalities, cities and other political subdivisions often determine that acquiring private property is necessary for the public good.  Sometimes the actions of the municipality so affect a property that it will be determined to have been effectively taken by the municipality.  Whether your municipality is considering exercising eminent domain to acquire a property, is in a dispute over the value of a property taken by eminent domain, is in a dispute over whether the relevant circumstances empower the municipality to exercise eminent domain in a particular case, or is in a dispute over whether the municipality has effectively, if not expressly, condemned a property, High Swartz has experienced attorneys to help.  High Swartz attorneys have assisted political subdivisions in multiple condemnation and inverse condemnation proceedings related to construction easements, road widenings, public facilities and park land, as well as airports and other public uses.  High Swartz attorneys have provided representation in these matters before boards of view, courts of common pleas and appellate courts.