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Municipal Litigation

Municipalities and other governmental units are frequently involved in a wide array of lawsuits and other litigation matters.  As solicitors, conflict counsel and special counsel, High Swartz attorneys have extensive experience handling arbitrations, hearings, trials and appeals for municipalities, cities and other political subdivisions.  These disputes are litigated in numerous forums and before judicial or quasi-judicial bodies such as arbitration panels, local hearing boards, boards of view, state administrative law judges, state hearing boards, courts of common pleas, trial courts and appeals courts.  Municipal litigation matters handled by High Swartz attorneys include, but are not limited to disputes regarding the following:

  • Assessment of liens
  • Award of public contracts and public bidding process disputes
  • Civil rights and discrimination claims
  • Code enforcement proceedings, including but not limited to maintenance, nuisance, zoning matters
  • Construction defect, delay and Prompt Payment Act claims
  • Eminent domain and condemnation proceedings
  • Enforcement of liens
  • Environmental law and environmental hearing board appeals
  • Independent investigations derived from employment or other complaints
  • Injunctions
  • Ordinance challenges
  • Public utility commission matters
  • Real estate, deed covenant and easement disputes
  • Road vacation cases
  • Zoning and land use appeals
  • Tax assessment appeals and immunity disputes
  • Tort claims