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Condominiums & Planned Communities

Our attorneys have extensive experience with the creation of condominiums and planned communities in Pennsylvania, including the development of major luxury high-rise projects in Philadelphia, the conversion of high-rise office buildings to mixed residential/commercial condominiums, the conversion of rental townhouses to the condominium form of ownership, the creation of “land condominiums” as a method of dividing property ownership, and the use of condominium regimes as a financing device. We have created several “master condominiums,” consisting of three or four large commercial units with one of those units being developed as a residential “sub-condominium” with multiple sub-condominium units. We have created a condominium regime for boat slips on the Delaware River. We have also represented a number of condominium associations, giving us insight into the day-to-day workings of such associations and the dynamics of dealing with the developers from “the other side of the table.”


Our Condominiums & Planned Communities attorneys include: