High Swartz - Attorneys At Law LLP

Established in 1914, High Swartz LLP is a general practice law firm centered in Southeastern Pennsylvania with a reach throughout the Commonwealth, Southern New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic states. Located in the same block as the Montgomery County Courthouse, High Swartz LLP has earned a reputation as one of the most prominent and respected firms in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania and nationally, our attorneys have been recognized for their contributions to the legal profession, including taking leadership roles in bar association groups, in client representation, in teaching and in service to the legal community and civic organizations. Throughout our history, members of the firm also have been active in our nation’s military and in public service at the local, state and national levels.

Why We’re Different

High Swartz LLP offers a broad range of practice areas and many of our skilled attorneys focus on specific areas of the law. Unlike larger firms, High Swartz LLP is able to keep practices highly concentrated with experienced attorneys. Cases are not overworked and clients are not overlooked. Unlike smaller boutique firms, our wide range of skills and experience means there are a number of attorneys in the firm who can consult on complicated matters — and help handle crises and everyday matters quickly and effectively.

Our size and location in the heart of Montgomery County also allows us to offer more competitive rates than larger firms. Our work and experience includes representation outside of the five-county region — including much of the Mid-Atlantic and New Jersey — and our fees are appropriately structured to the clients we serve.

The Client Experience

We partner with clients to develop the best strategy for the optimal legal solution. As part of the legal team, clients are involved from the onset of representation in decisions important to them — such as focusing strategy or identifying the cost/benefit of certain legal options. We are conscious of each client’s individual goals and needs, and we encourage frequent and direct communication. If a client’s primary attorney is not immediately accessible, another attorney or staff member will be available to respond. Our lawyers are thorough, careful and considerate. And because of our practical approach, we are able to dissect and simplify complicated legal matters. The success of our clients is our highest goal, and we do everything possible to ensure that all of our clients receive comprehensive, sophisticated legal representation in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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